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Medea of Colchis

Resources on Medea, the witch of Colchis.
  1. Medea, by Euripides

Glossary entry on Medea, the witch of Colchis.

Greek tragedy by Euripides. A look at the most arresting aspects of Medea.

Euripides' Medea
Medea of Colchis -- the witch who helped Jason secure the golden fleece. Medea -- a Greek tragedy by Euripides.

Jason's Angels
Jason makes a good story -- with a kindly centaur Cheiron to tutor him, loving parents who only pretend to kill him at0birth as the king has ordered (like Oedipus and Moses), a long, colorful journey, a few pretty women, and a throne to fight for, but he lacks desirable character traits.

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