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Maps - Mediterranean

Historic maps of the ancient Mediterranean Sea and surrounding areas of Asia Minor, Northern Africa (Egypt), and Europe (primarily, Greece and Rome).

400 AD Mediterranean Eastern
Map from Atlas Historique Périodique shows Euxine Sea, the northern part of Egypt, Greece, and the coast of Asia Minor.

Ancient World Mapping Center
"he Ancient World Mapping Center promotes cartography, historical geography and geographic information science as essential disciplines within the field of ancient studies through innovative and collaborative research, teaching, and community outreach activities."

Rome and Romania
Animated map showing the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, both Western and Byzantine, from 301 BC to 1450 AD.

Rome at its Greatest Extent
The empire in the second century basically surrounded the Mediterranean Sea. 148k JPEG file.

Southwestern Part of Europe
Map showing Spain, Africa and the South of Italy in A.D. 300.

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