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Monotheistic Ancient Religions

Attributes of monotheistic religions, which often appear to outsiders as anything but religions that worship only one god.

This is a glossary entry on deity for those who may be puzzled when they don't see the words gods and goddesses. The plural is deities. Deity is far more convenient than gods and goddesses for tight word-counts as well as being gender-neutral.

Some religions would better be described as henotheistic than either monotheistic or polytheistic. Here are some of them and a basic definition of the term.

10 Commandments
Here is a list of the Ten Commandments. Fair warning: It may not be the same as the one you're used to because there are different versions.

Biblical Figures
These people, who appear in the Bible, are significant enough historically that you should be familiar with them. This list is roughly chronological.

Chalcedonian Creed
The creed from the council of Chalecedon is known as the Chalcedonian Creed. Here it is in English.

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