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Galleries and museums with exhibits of ancient artifacts, both real and virtual, and from around the world.

Egyptian Museums
Here is a list of the Egyptian museums in Egypt.

Ancient Nubia
Gallery of Nubian artifacts from the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, dating mostly from 100 B.C. - A.D. 300.

The Archaeological Museum of Bologna
Etruscan, Egyptian, and Roman collections at this museum with thumbnails to click on for larger images on site. In Italian.

British Museum
Egyptian Antiquities collection with 100,000 objects in it.

Cleveland Museum of Art
Its 30,000 piece collection covers 5000 years of art, from Egypt to the present. There's an online tour of Egyptian highlights.

Kelsey Online
Two exhibit galleries, one for Greco-Roman and the other for Near Eastern from the University of Michigan's Kelsey Galleries. Topographic maps of Eastern Mediterranean, Greece, Italy, and Germany online.

The Mariners' Museum
The collection spans the Age of Exploration to the modern navy with information on the Phoenicians and an exploration timeline.

Oriental Institute Virtual Museum Tours
Tours of the Oriental Institute's Egyptian, Assyrian, Mesopotamian, Persian, and temporary exhibits galleries.

Semitic Museum
Harvard's Semitic Museum displays 150 objects from the Hurrian settlement of Nuzi destroyed in 14th C. B.C.

Penn Museum
Collections on Canaan and Ancient Israel, Egypt, Greek world, Mesoamerica, and Mesopotamia, traveling exhibits, and games.

Vindolandia Museum
Hadrian's Wall museum with replica of a section of the wall, photos of 2000 year old letters, weapons, and more.

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