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Doric Columns and the Other Orders


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Doric Columns of the Parthenon
Parthenon from the West

Parthenon from the West: Doric Columns of the Parthenon|The Column|The Doric Order|Echinus and Abacus|Parthenon and Column Proportions|Optical Illusions of the Columns and Parthenon|Corinthian Capital|Ionic Capital|Column Technical Terms and Quiz

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"For Dorus, the son of Hellen, and the Nymph Orseis, reigned over the whole of Achaia and Peloponnesus, and built at Argos, an ancient city, on a spot sacred to Juno, a temple, which happened to be of this [sc. Doric] order."
-Vitruvius IV

Today, almost two and a half millennia after the completion of that most perfect Doric structure, the Parthenon, one particular element of classical architecture continues to transform many ordinary structures and office buildings into impressive monuments: the column.

  1. Doric Columns of the Parthenon
  2. The Column
  3. The Doric Order
  4. Echinus and Abacus
  5. Parthenon and Column Proportions
  6. Optical Illusions of the Columns and Parthenon
  7. Corinthian Capital
  8. Ionic Capital
  9. Column Technical Terms and Quiz

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