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Biographies of Important Ancient People - Famous People

Famous People. Biographies of important ancient people, including Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Constantine the Great.
  1. A to Z Biographies (442)
  2. Alexander the Great (95)
  3. Amazons
  4. Attila the Hun
  5. Augustus (41)
  6. Christians (157)
  7. Cleopatra (45)
  8. Doctors - Physicians (11)
  9. Emperors (320)
  10. Famous Romans
  11. Famous Romans (282)
  12. Gods and Goddesses
  13. Greeks and Romans
  14. Helen of Troy
  15. Heroes
  16. Historians (158)
  17. Julius Caesar (95)
  18. Mathematicians (15)
  19. Philosophers (265)
  20. Plutarch's Lives (51)
  21. Rulers (274)
  22. Trojans
  23. Women (179)
  24. Writers (342)

Here are my selections for the most important names in ancient history. This...
Here are my selections for the most important names in ancient history. This list excludes people whose existence is disputed by most classical scholars. Also see: Famous thinkers and philosophers.

Ashoka was an important Buddhist king in India in the 3rd century B.C.

Greek Inventors and Scientists
Important ancient Greeks who made significant contributions to science.

Occupation Index
An index of occupations of famous or important people in ancient history who are listed on this site. Occupation should be thought of loosely as what the individuals, human, legendary, or divine, spent their time on.

Greek Writers Timeline
Chronological list of the ancient Greek writers, with dates, when known.

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