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Chronological lists, timelines of dynasties and kingdoms, and information on individual pharaohs.

Amenhotep III
Here are the basics that you should remember about the pharaoh known as Amenhotep III.

Akhenaten, Smenkhare, and Tutankhamen were the only Eighteenth Dynasty kings of Egypt who lived for any time at Amarna.

Amenhotep IV - Pharaoh Amenhotep IV or Akhenaten
Amenhotep IV Neferkherure Waenre (Akhenaten) was the son and co-regent of Pharaoh Amenhotep III Nebmaatre.

Ancient Egyptian Timeline - Dynasties and Kingdoms in Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Timeline. Timeline of the dynasties of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

The Last Pharaoh
The legendary Cleopatra wasn't much like the Hollywood rendition.

Menes - First King of Egypt Menes
In Egyptian legend, the first king of Egypt is said to have been Menes.

Pepy I - Who Was Pepy I
Pepy I, son of Teti (r. 2374-2354 B.C.) and Queen Ipout, was a long ruling pharaoh (r. c.2354-2310 B.C.) of the 6th dynasty in ancient Egypt

Ptolemy Soter
Ptolemy Soter's rule of Egypt lasted from 332-283 B.C.

Test Your Knowledge of the Pharaohs and Dynasties
Basic introductory information and a quiz with pages for reference.

The Egyptian pharaoh, King Tut (Tutankhamen), who is known as the boy king, receives much attention, although little is known about him.

Heiress Theory - From Women's History Guide
Some Egyptologists think the Egyptian royal system was originally matriarchal, which would explain the presence of female pharaohs ruling Egypt.

Ramses was the name of some new kingdom pharaohs, including the famous Ramses the Great, who is thought by some to have been the long-lived pharaoh of Moses' day.

Who's Who of Egypt
Alphabetical index of Egyptian figures, including the pharaohs.

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