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Philosophy is closely related to ancient religion, poetry, and science. Medicine is also closely connected with religious beliefs and philosophy, but in modern thinking, science, medicine, mathematics, technology, and engineering are all conceptually grouped.
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Ancient Greek Genetic Theory
An introduction to Aristotle's objections to Greek genetic theory. Learn about the prior prevailing genetic theories held by ancient Greek philosophers.

Greek Inventors and Scientists
Important ancient Greeks who made significant contributions to science.

7 Sages
The 7 sages of ancient Greece.

Atomism was one of the theories the ancient Greek natural philosophers devised to explain the universe. The atoms, from the Greek for "not cut" were indivisible. They had few innate properties (size, shape, order, and position) and could hit each other in the void. By hitting one another and locking together, they become something else.

Information on the famous Greek mathematician Archimedes.

Galen was a prolific writer who wrote on philosophy and the following medical topics: anatomy, physiology, and therapeutics.

Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the earth.

Early Greek Philosophers
Chronological list of ten of the most important early Greek philosophers.

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