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Myth & Religion

Information on mythology, especially Greek mythology, and ancient religions, including polytheistic pagan religions.
  1. Delphic Oracle (Greek)
  2. Gods and Goddesses (669)
  3. Greek Mythology
  4. Greek Mythology & Heroes (192)
  5. Mythology Themes (74)
  6. Myths and Polytheism (152)
  7. Oracles - Roman
  8. Scientists and Philosophers

A definition to start you off on the subject of myth/mythology.

Definition of legend, comparing it with related types of tales.

Deitiy (God)
Definition of deity (pl. deities).

Which Myth Do You Like Best?
Readers provide the story from Greek mythology they like best.

Gods & Goddesses
Information on leading gods and goddesses in the world's mythologies.

Manicheeism is a faith begun by the propeht Mani.

Which Magic Book?
What are your favorite books on ancient magic?

Who Was the Most Important Greek Writer
Of the writers of Greek mythology, one was most important for the Greeks.

Which Gods Were Most Active in Human Lives
Humans in Greek mythology dealt with the gods in heroic situations, but in daily most of the gods were less involved. Which gods had an affect on humans?

What is the most intriguing story in Greek mythology
Although this is a matter of taste, here is the story I find most intriguing in Greek mythology.

Recommendations for Greek Mythology
These are my recommendations on mythology books for people interested in learning about mythology.

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