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Rise of Democracy - Stages in Ancient Greek Democracy

Articles on the stages of Greek democracy.

Democracy Then and Now
The original democratic society faced many of the same problems seen in the 2000 presidential election in the U.S.

Rise of Democracy
Solon's reforms of the class system and the assembly led to the beginning of democracy in Athens.

Writings of the Ancient Greeks on the Topic of Democracy
We look to ancient Greece as the birthplace of democracy (power in the hands of the demos/people), which is fair, although it was the ancient Greek polis (city-state) of Athens, rather than a consolidated panhellenic (all-Greek) effort, that developed democracy as a form of government. Not all ancient Greeks, and not even all people of Athens thought democracy was a good idea. Here are some of th…

Athenian Constitution (Athenaion Politeia)
Information on the Athenian Constitution attributed to Aristotle.

Social Organization of Early Ancient Athens
Athens, Kings, and the Four Tribes of Ancient Athens.

Cleisthenes was an Athenian statesman credited with a major set of democratic reforms.

Cleisthenes and the 10 Tribes
This article looks at some of the factors involved in the development of Athenian democracy. Solon, a wise man, poet, and leader, made some necessary changes in the economics and government of Athens, but he also created problems that needed fixing. Cleisthenes' reforms were instrumental in converting the earlier democratic tendencies into a...

Solon's Reforms and Democracy
The Athenian leader Solon reformed a class system and instituted reforms that led to the beginning of democracy.

4 Tribes of Attica
The social organization of the Archaic Athenians.

Cylon & Draco and the Rise of Democracy
Cylon's supporters and Draco's thieves lost their lives along the Athenian road to democracy.

Cleisthenes and the 10 Tribes
Solon may have started the democratic reforms in Athens, but it was Cleisthenes who made them work.

Solon's Constitution and Democracy
Solon redefined citizenship so as to create the foundations of democracy. Before Solon, the eupatridai (nobles) had a monopoly on the government by virtue of their birth. Solon replaced the hereditary aristocracy with one based on wealth.

Information on the Athenian Ephialtes.

Aristotle - Greek Philosopher Aristotle
A profile of the influential philosopher.

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