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Publius Clodius Pulcher Timeline


Appian Way Old Stones

Appian Way Old Stones

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Clodius Pulcher Profile
Timeline of the Late Roman Republic

Clodius Pulcher was born a patrician with the name Claudius, instead of Clodius. He lived from 93-52, during some of the most turbulent events of the late Roman Republic. He crossed swords with powerful Romans and brought disaster to Cicero. His sister was famous and is thought to be the adulterous and scandalous Lesbia of Catullus' love poetry.

93 B.C. Publius Claudius Pulcher was born
68-67 Served under Lucius Lucullus in the war against Mithridates. Clodius started a mutiny against Lucullus, his brother-in-law.
65 Returned to Rome.
64 Prosecuted Catiline for extortion.
62 Is believed to have infiltrated the Bona Dea festival for a tryst.
61 Was narrowly acquitted -- probably bribed the jurors.
59 Was adopted into a plebeian family.
58 Was elected tribune.
Clodius passed a law against anyone who put to death a Roman citizen without trial -- aimed at Cicero.
57 Cicero recalled from exile.
Clodius and Milo's rival gangs started to brawl.
56 Publius Clodius Pulcher became curule aedile and impeached Milo for public violence.
52 Became praetor.
Jan. 18, 52 Publius Clodius Pulcher was killed on the Appian Way, by Milo's gang.

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"The Late Republican period of Rome is one of my favorite spots in history to read about in general and Publius Clodius Pulcher and his sister were fairly interesting subjects to begin with, heck I call my cats the Clodii (Clodia Cleopatra and Lil Clodia, both Pulchers for sure) and my beta fish Milo hates them both. Only in the last couple of years did I come across Steven Saylor's and Colleen McCollough's historical fiction." CLODIUSPLAUT
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