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Ancient Rome From Rise to Fall

From the legendary period dominated by kings, through the Republic and Empire, including biographies of emperors, kings, and writers, timelines, maps, social life, and Latin.
  1. Culture (506)
  2. Daily Life/Family (216)
  3. Fall of Rome (77)
  4. Gods and Goddesses
  5. Government (177)
  6. Italy (7)
  7. Julius Caesar
  8. Roman History (338)
  9. Rome - The City (31)
  10. Rome vs. Greece (4)
  11. Wars and Battles

Fall of Rome
Articles on this site on the many aspects of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

A List of Roman Terms for Beginners
The list contains about 60 select Roman terms especially selected for beginners to ancient Roman history as presented on this site. Do you know what an aedile or the Appian Way is? How about Principate and proscription? If you can't identify these terms in at least a general way, please study this list.

Also see the more thorough Roman Terms Glossary and the special list with quiz for students of Early and Republican Rome: Roman Terms for Students.

What the Romans Ate
There are more basic pages on the Romans on this site, but to me, the essence of a culture can be found in what and how they eat, so learn about Roman culinary practices or skip to the next entry on what you should know about the Romans.

You might believe the Romans lived to eat or followed the motto eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may die, but most couldn't eat like that -- ever, and even most rich Romans would have eaten more modestly. Roman soldiers ate somewhat differently since they needed a bit more energy.

What You Want to Know About the Romans
From bikinis to fashionable times for meals, the Romans may not be as different from us as we think, but extracting the tidbits of information about daily life can be hard. Here you'll find the sections of this site on Roman clothing, food -- what they ate and drank and what they didn't, hygiene, education, and basic lists, including short and long form glossaries of Roman terms.

Maps of Rome and the Roman Empire
Rome spread from a single settlement on the Tiber. First it spread to the surrounding territory, then all of Italy, and then most of western Europe, north Africa, Greece, and Asia Minor. These maps show these areas in relationship to one another.

Fast Facts About Italy
Italy is the name of the country that was the start of the Roman Empire. Its rivers, mountains, fertility, and shape all helped form the nations that developed on the peninsula where Rome started.

Ancient Rome Pictures
Here is a large assortment of photos and illustrations highlighting a nation that spanned 1-2 millennia. It features architectural marvels and ruins, maps, sculptures, important figures, including emperors, mosaics, artwork showing scenes from Roman legend, illustrations, armor, enemies, and more.

Ancient Rome Timeline
Browse through this ancient Roman timeline to examine more than a millennium of Roman history. Rome started as a city in Latium, spread to the surrounding area of the Italic Peninsula, then to the islands, then elsewhere in the Mediterranean world all the way to the Danube before it slowed down.

Study Questions for Ancient Roman History
Sometimes when learning about a new topic it helps to focus on specifics. Otherwise, there are just too many details and not enough pre-existing categories in one's brain to sort them all into. It's with that in mind that I've written 10 questions for you -- something like an Easter egg hunt -- to guide you while you use this site to study...

We think of gladiators as strong, heroic, and defiant, the heroes in movies about Rome. The reality is that some gladiators were admired, others were defiant, but in ancient Rome, gladiators, who were usually slaves trained in special schools, fought to the death in arenas to entertain the crowds. It was considered dishonorable for an emperor...

Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius
Mt. Vesuvius is a volcano located in Campania that erupted in A.D. 79 covering much of the area in volcanic ash that preserved the area for centuries. The modern fame of the city of Pompeii is thanks to this volcano.

Forum Romanum
This is the famous forum of Rome, the social-business-political heart of the city especially in Republican times. The Roman Forum (Forum Romanum) was originally a market place but became a place for politics, and public and private business.

Map of the Regions of Italy
A public domain map outlining the major regions of ancient Italy.

Roman Culture
Roman culture includes its architecture and technology, entertainment system, which includes gladiators and Roman theater, its literature, medicine, religion and myth, and philosophy.

Ancient Roman Terms for Students of early and Republican Rome - List of Basic...
This list of Roman terms for students gives a dozen basics from only the early and Republican periods.

The Italic Dialects - The Languages of Ancient Rome and Her Neighbors
An introduction to the languages of the the Italic peninsula in the area of initial settlement of Rome.

Rose Williams' Once Upon the Tiber
Review of Rose Williams' Once Upon the Tiber. Although tongue-in-cheek, her book provides Latin students with the background in Roman history they need to know in order to make sense of all the allusions.

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