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Valentinian I - Roman Emperor


Coin of Valentinian

Coin of Valentinian

Definition: Valentinian (Flavius Valentinianus), from Pannonia [see Pannonia in this Map of the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire], was a Roman emperor from 364-375, tolerant of heretics and pagans. He was born in 321, the son of Gratian, a soldier. Valentinian followed his father into the military. He was appointed emperor on February 26, 364, following the death of Jovian [see Table of the Emperors - Dynasty of Constantine]. He appointed his brother Valens as co-ruler. Valens lived in Constantinople and Valentinian in Milan. Also see: Roman Emperors
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Source: DIR Valentinian
The dynasty of Valentinian, which followed the dynasty of Constantine, included Valentinian I (364-375), Valens (364-378), Gratian (375-383, co-regent in 367), and Valentinian II (375-392).

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