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Ancient History Timelines - Dynasties and Chronologies

Ancient Time Lines. Information on the sequence of events in the ancient world, ancient history timelines, and the dynasties of kings and pharaohs.
  1. African Timelines (5)
  2. America Timelines (5)
  3. Anatolia Timelines (5)
  4. Assyria Timelines (2)
  5. Aztec Timelines (4)
  6. Babylon Timelines (6)
  7. Balkan Timelines (2)
  8. Celts Timelines (1)
  9. Dynasties and Kings Lists (22)
  10. Egypt Timelines (5)
  11. Europe Timelines (2)
  12. Greek Timelines (30)
  13. Hittites Timelines (1)
  14. Inca Timelines (1)
  15. Jews Timelines (3)
  16. Maya Timelines (5)
  17. Medes Timelines (1)
  18. Mesopotamia Timelines (8)
  19. Multi Timelines (1)
  20. Olmec Timelines (4)
  21. Persia Timelines (4)
  22. Roman Timelines (46)
  23. Syria Timelines (2)

From the Bronze Age to A.D. 500 - The Ancient Eras
A quick look at what happened across Eurasia divided into major epochs.

Central Asia - Timelines
Timelines of events and people from antiquity in Central Asia, including the Scythians, Parthians, Kushans, and Turks.

Mongolia Timeline
The Library of Congress' chronology of events in Mongolia.

Roman Britain A.D. 410
A map of Roman Britain from "The Historical Atlas," by William R. Shepherd, published in 1923; page 51.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicles
Medieval History Guide, Lissa Snell's e-text of the section of the annalistic Anglo-Saxon Chronicles covering the period in the history of Britain to A.D. 381.

Mesopotamia Timelines
Timelines of events in various nations of ancient Mesopotamia.

Near East Timeline Index

Armenia Timeline
Armenia from 95 B.C. to the Byzantine surrender of Armenia to the Arabs.

A Timeline of the Mongols
A Mongol timeline from 450 B.C.

Tom Mallon's colorful timeline to correspond with his Coins and History of Asia site. Shows the era of the Indo-Scythians, Indo-Parthians, Hephthalites, Kushans and Turks in the Central Asia section of this multi-cultural timeline.

Skye's Scottish History Timeline
Robert M. Gunn's list of major dates in Scottish history from the Mesolithic Period to the present.

Chronological Timetable of Book History
Clay tablets, papyrus, bamboo, parchment, wax tablets, and paper were all used between 3500 and 100 BC. Timetable extends to 16th C.

Timeline of British History
Another timeline by major periods and dates, but with detail about the prehistoric eras.

Comparative Chronology of Money
By Roy Davies & Glyn Davies. From 9,000 - 1 B.C, dates and the corresponding development, from domestication of cattle to the reforms of Augustus. Continues with 1-499 AD.

Cross Cultural Timeline
From The History Channel, this graphic timeline shows what was happening in America, Europe, Middle East, Egypt, India, China, Japan, and Africa for 500 years starting in 500 B.C.

EAWC Chronology: The Near East
Annotated and hypertext linked timeline from 3450 B.C to A.D. 66.

History Timeline
List of dynasties from the Xia Dynasty (2000 B.C.) to today's People's Republic. Also hypertext links to the emperors in each dynasty. Contains link to an all Chinese timeline.

Silk Road Timeline
From 3500 B.C., major events and advances with impact on the silk trade. Most of the ancient hypertext link annotation remains to be done.

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