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Statue of Vercingetorix by Bartholdi

The Statue of Vercingetorix by Bartholdi - On the square of Jaude in Clermont Ferrand, France

CC Flickr User MAMJODH
Definition: Vercingetorix was a Gallic tribal leader of the Arverni, the son of Celtillus. Vercingetorix allied many of the tribes of Gaul and led a revolt in 52 B.C. against Julius Caesar. He defeated the Romans at the Battle of Gergovia, but then failed at Alesia, where he surrendered himself. Vercingetorix was kept prisoner of the Romans in the Tullianum until he was executed in Julius Caesar's triumph of 46 B.C.
Alternate Spellings: Vergentorix
In his biography of Julius Caesar, Plutarch describes Vercingetorix' surrender:
"Those who were in Alesia, having given themselves and Caesar much trouble, surrendered at last; and Vergentorix, who was the chief spring of all the war, putting his best armor on, and adorning his horse, rode out of the gates, and made a turn about Caesar as he was sitting, then quitted his horse, threw off his armor, and remained seated quietly at Caesar's feet until he was led away to be reserved for the triumph."

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