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Resources on ancient battles, wars, conflicts, weapons, and armor, as well as violent punishments and gladiators.
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Heroes and Villains
Resources on ancient heroes from myth, legend, and historical wars, as well as a look at some of the Roman and mythological villains.

Roman Weaponry
Romany weaponry -- items in the arsenal of Roman soldiers.

Review: Warfare in the Ancient World, by Carey, Allfree and Cairns
My review of a volume on the history of warfare from the beginning of civilization through the Roman Empire.

Review of Barry Strauss' 'Masters of Command'
A review of the 2012 'Masters of Command: Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar, and the Genius of Leadership' written by Barry Strauss.

Roman Army
The Roman army developed from the Greek form to a superlative fighting machine that conquered much of the known world.

Weapons of the Roman Gladiators
Gladiators used weapons and wore armor associated with a variety of fighting styles.

Review - Makers of Ancient Strategy, Edited by Victor Davis Hanson
Review of Makers of Ancient Strategy.

The hoplite was the basic, shield-toting infantry soldier of the Greeks.

Which Conqueror Are You?
Have you ever fancied yourself the scourge of God? What about a real Goth? In your dream vision of the world, are you in charge of it alll? If so, you may discover you're really Attila the Hun, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Alaric the Visigoth, Asoka of India, or Cyrus the Great of Persia. Find out which ancient conqueror shares your personality.

Why would an emperor or any other free Roman have entered such deadly combat? There are many reasons, but adulation of the crowds has to be among the most compelling reasons to become a gladiator.

The Greatest Warriors
When you try to Google most "greatest" topics in ancient history, you need to insert the keyword "ancient". Not so for warriors or military leaders.

Prepare for War - Latin Quote from Vegetius
Latin quote from Vegetius. Prepare for war and the Latin version of the quote from Vegetius.

Dates for Major Events in Ancient History
Time line of major events in the ancient history of the world. Most dates and events on the ancient history timeline are of political importance.

Homepage for the Society of Ancient Military Historians. Accepts members interested in promoting and sharing in the study of Ancient Military History.

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