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Readers Respond: Where, When, and What Evidence Is There for the Swastika

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We can't identify the origin of the swastika with certainty. What are the possible explanations of the its origin?

Viking Runes

I notice a lot say Hitler stole the symbol. In that case a lot of todays flags would be guilty of design theft. I'm pretty sure America or Israel didn't design stars as a symbol first or Soviet Russia having a hammer and sickle. The Germans had interests in the occult, that is clear. But you look at the SS flag, 2 Sowilo runes, and put both of the Sowilo together bringing you a 'swastika'. Runes were used by ancestors of Germania.
—Guest Dan

Origins of the Swastika

i believe that is originates from the understanding of nature and the 9 from which all base 10 numbers come 0-9 and ironically digital English alphabet as see on a calculator or early digital clocks cause all of these can be extracted from the symbol quiet easy, that it is interrelated to the circle with the cross and the platonic solids and their shapes
—Guest Wo R-el

Swastika - NEW origin

I wold like to share, that on 14 oct 2011 in Vratca-Bulgaria museum was shown swastic fownd in vilige Altimir by Georgi Genecovski that was dated 5000 years B.C. On the bottom on one of the exponates is found old bulgarian script.... That realy changes the origin of the swastika... don't you think.. I can e-mail photos if somebody is interested.
—Guest tono1

Swastika origin

It is a very old symbol, introduced to India when India was in its birth. It does represent the 4 powers of nature and 4 spirit beings who stand at the '4 corners' of the earth overseeing creation. The Nazis took the symbol and reversed the direction as an arrogant way of showing that their power was greater thus trying to make the symbol their own in showing their military might. In NA native tradition these spirit being were called the keepers of the 4 directions and so they too used the symbol.

Swastika was a symbol of the Hindu Gods

The swastika was an important symbol of the Hindu Gods and adorns all temples in India. Even Buddhists and Jains use it as a sacred symbol. They explained it as “If a soul (or a civilization, for that matter) does not get rid of its evils, it falls into he never-ending cycle of destruction and rebirth". Since it was a symbol of those Gods who came in flying chariots from the sky and made us it would only be useful to ask them where did they get it from. We find it all over the cultures of the world. Aryan in India actually meant a man with a noble character. it did not denote noblemen or a race. Even demons who were righteous were referred to as Aryans.
—Guest Kiran

the origin of swastika

well it is made by seventh tirthkar of jain but it is found in all the civilization because of some obsession is attached with it. a semi deity who was obsessed with world conquest he imposed it where ever he went.
—Guest neelam

swastika resembles hurricane rotatation

was the counterclockwise swastika once inspired by the rotation of hurricanes? As we see them now depicted on TV?
—Guest herman hennink monkau

The swastika originates from Jainism

The foundations of Jainism are laid by a Tirthankar. The first being Rishabhdev and the last (24th) being Mahavira. Each Tirthankar is associated with a symbol. The 7th Tirthankar Suparashvanath is associated with the Swastika.
—Guest 7th of 24 Tirthankars in Jainism

Wish people would educate themselves

It is a symbol of true blood the first inhabitance. Hitler had a unhealthy interest in this and stole the symbol from Hindus . It is not related to Christ quite the opposite the Christian religion was formed for the outcasts low casts to give them a sense of importance the swastika is over 10.000 years old dating to Mia and Indus valley
—Guest Arian

Indian Mythos ...

Well, I remember seeing lots of them with and near Lord Ganesh(the solver of problems). As I recall, it is a symbol of 'good luck'. Don't remember if the Indian ones went right or left, or if it matters!
—Guest Herkopachef

using good for evil

Very informative knew it was an old sign perverted like the gangs using star of david
—Guest carl

The history of the swastika

The clockwise swastika is another symbol of proof of who our creator is. It's a configuration of the letter Y. The letter Y can be found all around us as proof of who our creator is; the palm of our hands, trees & branches, leafs when looked upon are shaped or have lines running thru them in the shape of the letter Y. Keep in mind trees are the main douce of oxygen for what we need to live. I believe the clockwise swastika (the oldest symbol known) is another symbol of proof that our creator's name is YHWH pronounced Yahweh the true Hebrew name of our creator
—Guest Eric phillips

Swastika = Mark of the Sun

The mark is much older than Christ, Buddha, and even Hinduism. It represents the Sun and its movement across the North Sky. Four lines extend out from the center as the Sun's rays, forming a "Cross". Each ray extends into another line, clockwise, to represent the Sun's east to west motion across the Northern Sky. "Swastik" (Sanskrit word) - "Swa" means Sun, and "tik" means mark. Swastika literally means "Mark of the Sun" in ancient Sanskrit. The Swastika is known now as a Nazi symbol, but it predates most of Western cultures. It is common in Hindu temples much older than Christ or Buddha. The original symbol is common around the world because it represents a global icon, the Sun. The first farmers realized the Sun provides warmth, light, life, and everything else around us. The Sun is the closest thing to a natural "God", which is why so many ancient cultures worshiped it. Since man first learned to farm, he has worshiped the Sun, and the Swastika is a very common symbol of the Sun.
—Guest Prometheus


As far as use in Christianity, swastika can be found on gothic churches and was representation of Christ's win over death. At least, that's what the history books say.
—Guest boing

Native ignorance.

"The swastika is a Hindu sign and originated in India." Despite the fact that I'm and Indian (British upbringing), this fact was entirely unknown to me until I revisited my home city of Calcutta and saw one carved on part of a wall overhung with moss Being very young, I still couldn't believe it could possibly have any connection with bigoted, murderous maniacs a continent away. Thankfully, I later learned I was right.

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