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Readers Respond: Favorite Gods and Goddesses

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There's an open position for the top throne of the gods and goddesses. Only one can sit there. The only qualification is that he or she be the people's choice. It's your turn to write his campaign slogan and tell the world in clear, standard, punctuated English why he or she is numero uno. This is just for fun, so posts that sound religious will probably not be approved, but this is at my sole discretion.

Remember this is a single throne. Two gods or goddesses cannot share it, so you may only nominate one entity. While it doesn't haven to be a member of the Greco-Roman pantheon, since it is a throne, the deity you nominate should be able to sit in a chair.


The Allfather! He gave one eye for knowledge and is my favorite god in Asatru.
—Guest Lit


Thantos is the god of Death and he makes the world fair. GO THANTOS!!!!
—Guest canaan


Hades because he keeps the souls in the underworld preventing souls flying around.
—Guest Matt


Goddess of Love. Love keep the world go round and round.
—Guest Pipe


Even though most people think that Athena is weird coming out of Zeus's skull, she is my fave because she is so wise. Her pet is a wise owl. She is smart and awfully pretty.
—Guest Erica


Poseidon is the coolest good ever he controls the sea he can make earth quakes and brings storms.
—Guest Lol

Thanatos (Death)

He deserves a chance on a throne. He is not easily recognized, but is powerful as Death and is the lieutenant of Hades. He catches souls and deports them to the Underworld, so the world is fair. GO THANATOS!
—Guest Kelly


He is a cute little baby who gets to shoot people in the ass and make them fall in love and he never has to worry about finding a commode and he can freakin fly!!!
—Guest Heather


Satan (not the one in the bible, the pagan one) is my number one favourite god because he controls spirits and dæmonds, and he can also use black magic and resurrect the dead.
—Guest occultleader


I mean, he's like this awesome friggin baby with wings who passes out love. it's great actually.
—Guest Kyra


Artemis is the most important, because she brings out the moon, and without her our crops would not grow during the night. Also, she is the goddess of animals, and i love animals.
—Guest saveanimals


Athena is the goddess of WISDOM! She is VERY IMPORTANT!


Hestia is quiet, and peaceful. Without her the world would be all crumbly and would fall. Also in Percy Jackson and the Olympians #5(my favorite series!!) she brought peace to New York City. And thought Percy was a good boy, And gave Ms. O-Leary a bone, And gave Percy and Nico food. GO HESTIA! YOU ROCK THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest Guest Hi


Apollo is so cool because he is the god of music, medecine, the sun, archery, prophecies and oracle. GO APOLLO!
—Guest Apollo


Zeus is the best god, as in Greek mythology he controls all other gods. Also, he tricks Cronus into realeasing his siblings, showing he is intelligent too.
—Guest Liam

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