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Readers Respond: Favorite Gods and Goddesses

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There's an open position for the top throne of the gods and goddesses. Only one can sit there. The only qualification is that he or she be the people's choice. It's your turn to write his campaign slogan and tell the world in clear, standard, punctuated English why he or she is numero uno. This is just for fun, so posts that sound religious will probably not be approved, but this is at my sole discretion.

Remember this is a single throne. Two gods or goddesses cannot share it, so you may only nominate one entity. While it doesn't haven to be a member of the Greco-Roman pantheon, since it is a throne, the deity you nominate should be able to sit in a chair.


Frejya is generally known as a fertility goddess. As the goddess of love, she is shown to be sexually attractive and free with her favours. She also had links with the dead; half of the slain she shared with Odhinn, and each day decided who would enter her hall Sessrumnir, which lay in Folkvang, 'the Field of Folk.' Freyja also was mistress of magic. She owned a falcon-skin which she would don in order to travel to the underworld, bringing back prophecies and knowledge of destiny. In addition to shape-shifting, she also was the goddess of seidhr and could magically control fire. She drove a chariot pulled by cats, and her totemic animal was the sow.


Artemis is awesome. Why? Because she knows how dumb boys can be, uses girl power, and knows the best animal for any hunter goddess, A WOLF! A wolf is nothing without the pack, and the pack is nothing without the wolf. Im sure artemis knows that


Hades controls the dead. And no, he does not come claim your soul. Thanatos has that job. :D YOU ROCK HADES!!!
—Guest Goddess


Poseidon is the best Greek god by a landslide. He should be the king of gods because he could easily wipe one of them out. He has trillions of gallons of water to bombard them with
—Guest Agua lover


without her the gods would fail in their battles. Athena was Zeus's favorite and also the wisest daughter. Athena is one of the most important god. She gave the olive tree which is so important in Greek life.
—Guest Vince

Listen Up !!! (:

We all know who the best Greek god(dess) is, and it's, well, obvious that it's Eris, the daughter of Nyx and Erebus. No, I'm not a House of Night fanatic, but I admit I love the courage Eris has for being the goddess of strife !!! She teaches us that overcoming strife, we learn to be stronger and happier. Thank you, Eris !
—Guest TheOneAndOnly3


Artemis is so awesome!!! Power to the hunter,worker of the wolves!!!!!
—Guest ????


Athena, goddess of the hunt. She is tough, awesome, and carries a bow and arrow!
—Guest John Lennon


Pan is obviously the best for the world, while the other gods have outstanding qualities as viewed above, pan is the wild, global warming would not be the footprint of our existence if a certin god was there..... Love,water,weathe,death and sky are all important but I feel the most respected is the one and only who could possibly erase the dreadful litter and problems humans have inflected apron the inveorment
—Guest Wild


Gaea is the mother, she is peaceful, and loves and protects as a mother does!
—Guest cougarmoon


I personally prefer Hades >.> He's the ruler of the underworld~! Which is cool enough... he also has his little pet doggy, Cerberus~! :DD Me likes that little three headed dog~ :3
—Guest AnimeLover


Ganesh the remover of obstacles. He is kind, wonderful, and always answers my prayers.
—Guest ...


Poseiden is awsome! 1(best) He made HORSES! 2. He is god of sea (75% of Earth) 3. He is Earthshaker and could easily kill us all!! 4. He is the least evil and power hungry dude god!
—Guest Horseloveromega!!!


Goooo Aphrodite!!! Aphrodite was one of the first god/goddess that came to be! She was born from Gaea herself! Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and love. Love is the most powerful force in the world and like the title says it conquers all! I wouldnt even know where to begin if the world didnt have love. We wouldnt even exist i guess. Its either that or we would be savages and be killing ourselves off! From love we derive compassion. And since thats not happening i`d say she was already ruleing our lives, so why not let her have the throne? She is always with us but saddly unappreciated, so i say a vote for Aphrodite! You Rock!
—Guest Mantha


Dionysus is obviously the best god. In his cult, it is one's religious duty to become drunk on his drink. Obviously, his sect would be the most fun to be a member of.
—Guest Xpensive wino

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