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Readers Respond: Your Underworld Myth Favorites

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From the article: Greek Underworld Myths
You might not normally associate "favorite" with stories about the afterlife in the Underworld, but some of the stories about the Greek Underworld are extremely popular. Perhaps it's satisfying to see someone get his just desserts. Perhaps some fascinate you because the there doesn't seem to be any justification. Is there a Greek Underworld story that resonates? Please share your reasons and outline the story.

Directions for the dead

Not a myth but based upon myth, I enjoy considering the directions for the dead contained in such artefacts as the golden lamellae which have been found in burial sites. These Pythagorean / Orphic customs although very specific are often contradictory - should you steer to the left or right, should you drink from the waters of Lethe or not and what would the consequences be for rebirth? I always assumed in such stories that drinking of the waters of Lethe (oblivion) meant that you were willing to let go of your past life and would aid in progressing to a better rebirth or even unification with the everlasting fitre at the centre of the cosmos but then i read in one account (sorry I do not remember the reference) that one should avoid drinking the waters of Lethe.
—Guest Max Bini

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